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3pt Hitch Implements 

  NEW 3pt Hitch Implements, Cat. I Quick Hitch Compatible

   List of implements available for pick-up on our lot.

 4ft 45hp            $997 
5ft HD    $549   6ft   $570 
 5ft 45hp            $1030

 6ft 45hp            $1199
 6ft HD 100hp   $1996




5ft ECON $469 

5ft HD     $549
BOOM 24"  $289
 $129  800lb
 Buhler FARM KING 
5ft 45hp  $2,030  
  5ft   $919
6ft 45hp  $2,300
CULTIVATOR 6ft   $1019
7ft 45hp  $2,990  HD
 $292  one-row
**Special Order, shipped direct to customer.
   PLOW 4ft  50hp  $1830
   **Lot Only Specials**
 $579   one bottom 5ft  60hp  $1998
  6ft  45hp $1800   charcoal   6ft  60hp  $2082

  Chain guards are sold separately for all mowers.  All sales are final.   Prices are subject to change.

Howse Rotary Cutters

4ft Economy Cutter          4hp gearbox    15-45 hp range     539lb     $  997

5ft Economy Cutter          45 hp gearbox    25-45 hp range     589lb     $1030

6ft Economy Cutter          45 hp gearbox    25-45 hp range     768lb     $1199

-Heavy 12 GA deck with angle iron frame

-Saucer flywheel pan

-Mowers do not come with chain guards.  Chain guards are available.

Howse Heavy Duty Rotary Cutter

6ft Heavy Duty Cutter    100 hp gearbox    40-75 hp range     965lb    $1996

-Heavy 10 GA round back deck with 8" sides

-Heavy flat bar and formed channel frame.

-Cat. 1 3pt Flip Hitch

-Heavy saucer blade carrier with 1/4" pan and 3/4" bar

-Torque limiter driveshaft

-Mowers do not come with chain guards.  Chain guards are available.

Howse Rotary Tiller

48" Rotary Tiller     20-50 hp range     665 lbs     $1830

62" Rotary Tiller     25-60 hp range     769 lbs     $1998

70" Rotary Tiller     40-60 hp range     785 lbs     $2082

-Torque limiter driveshaft

-Heavy-duty all-gear drive

-Adjustable skid shoes

-Gearbox and tine bar can be reversed for reverse rotation

Howse Disc Harrows

5ft Disc     16 16" Blades     25-45 hp range     500lbs     $  919

6ft Disc     20 16" Blades     30-45 hp range     555lbs     $1019

-Angle Iron Frame

-Can be set up as "Low Profile"

-Notched 16" Blades

-Cast bearings w. 7 1/2" spacings

-3pt hitch, quick hitch compatible

Howse Boom Pole

Economy Pole       800 lb lift capacity at end & 1000 lb at mid point hook     $129

Heavy Duty Pole  1000 lb lift capacity at end & 1500 lb at mid point hook     $309




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